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SaiK Electric Co., Ltd  (called "Saik" for short)  is a customer-oriented independent stocking distributor for electronic components and industrial control parts.Saik will quickly and accurately provide you with high quality power semiconductors at competitive prices with no minimum order and will deliver them overnight from our extensive inventory. Performance testing is conducted to insure highest quality.High-frequency power electroplating is specialized in design, production and sales of electric equipments.Had office located in the largest manufacturing base of electric equipment of Wenzhou China, which is called "the Electric Equiment Capital of China".



High frequency switch galvanization power source,electrical machinery test power source,aluminum oxidation power source,test power source,electrophoresis power source. Can be used for treatment of various metals or plastic and their surfaces, alloy electroplating, as well as production of printing circuit board, sliver,gold,alum. Chrome etc plating.Main products:High-frequency power electroplating,Relays, sensors, photoelectric switches, inverters, fuse, PLC, Circuit Breakers, contactor, Encoders, Counter,Darlington, IGBT, IPM, PIM, Thyristor Diode Rectifier Bridge, SCR, GTO power modules, Mosfet, Connectors, Resistors,  On Button and Indicator,  Battery.Main brands:Saik,  Omron,Schneider, Mitsubishi, Fuji,Keyence,Fluke,Carlo Gavazzi,Ferraz Shawmut,Idec,Bedook,Phoenix, YAMATAKE,SUNX,MENWELL,Weinview,Sanken, SanRex, Sanyo, PRX, Eupec, Infineon,Siemens, Semikron, Ixys, Westcode, Dynex, Bussmann, ABB,  Tyco, IR, and so on.


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